Father’s Rights and Kids

By Val Hemminger; Westshore Lawyer, serving British Columbia

Maybe you are a bit freaked out about the whole separation thing and what that means for you and your relationship with your kids.

You are not alone. 

Dads often feel like the law is against them. Many fathers feel that the entire system is stacked against them.  They are often worried that when they and the mother of their children separate, they do not have a chance to have a continued, ongoing and meaningful relationship with their kids. Contrary to popular belief, guess what?! Men have a very fair shake in our current legal system. 

And also, guess what?! It really is up to you to make the process easy or difficult on yourself. 

Here is the thing. If your matter gets in front of a judge, they are not judging you based on your gender. They are looking through the facts, they are reading your demeanour, and are highly skilled and trained to put any biases that exist aside. 

Judges also know that kids benefit from having a relationship with their Dads.

Even if their Dads are imperfect people. Because isn’t it true that all of us are imperfect?

Under the eyes of the law, fathers deserve parenting time and parental responsibility rights with their children after separation or divorce. 

If you are someone who wants advice about father’s rights, Pathway Legal is here to help. 

The whole team at Pathway Legal has your back. We will guide you and your changing family’s circumstances to the new beginning you and your kids deserve.