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No one goes into a marriage expecting a divorce.  But if you have reached that point in your relationship, Pathway Legal delivers a long-established non-confrontational, solutions-focused approach that leaves your dignity intact without enormous legal fees.

Val Hemminger

Here's how we treat you, the family, and your planned divorce

  • When you attend your first family lawyer consultation at Pathway Legal, you discover what it is like to get practical, supportive and no nonsense advice from lawyers who know what they are talking about.
  • In just one hour, we will give you a taste of how we do things at Pathway Legal.

The Pathway Legal Difference:

I felt Val was listening and understood my situation. I saw she wanted to help me and she knows her job. She was upfront, professional and I had a good feeling during our meeting.

Client: Shyah Delarom Squoosh

I also liked everybody in your firm and felt safe. I was treated with respect and compassion. It gives me hope to heal from certain pains.

Thank you.

Client of Val Hemminger at Pathway Legal, British Columbia.

Are Pathway Legal the best Divorce Lawyers in British Columbia for you?

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How Pathway Legal Supports You Through the Divorce Maze

...and how we help you with extra, personal support, at home

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How to know if Pathway Legal is right for you

    You want:

  • a law firm that uses court only when necessary and as a very last resort.
  • a working relationship with your lawyer where you work together as a team with a hands-on approach.
  • to understand what your entitlements and obligations are and having it resolved.
  • advice and guidance as to the best available method to seeing your matter finalized.

    You don't:

  • mind having an “old-fashioned” kind of lawyer that remains “objective” and distanced from what is important for you and your family’s unique situation.
  • care how much it costs, you just want your ex-spouse to pay (emotionally and financially) and suffer for the hurt they caused you.
  • want to negotiate and try to avoid court, you just want to go to trial and fight.
  • AND you want a lawyer who will bully your ex-spouse.

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

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Pathway Legal Client Experiences

"Your dedication and generosity has impacted me and will always serve as a reminder of the good in the legal world."


"You all stepped up to the plate and provided me the most exceptional support during some of the lowest points in my life."


"You have blown my mind with your graciousness. I am so thankful at your diligent, clean, and top notch work."



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