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Giveaway: "The 10 Bogus Beliefs About Divorce and Separation You Should Know"

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10 bogus beliefs about divorce and separation that you should know by lawyer Val Hemminger
  • The 10 myths that divorcing couples are often told by their friends, lawyers and family.
  • How disgruntled litigants have spread untruthful information about how the courts treat dads. 
  • Whether the courts are biased in favour of moms.
  • Whether the courts biased against dads.
  • The best kind of lawyer to hire for your family law matter.
  • The real truth about property division.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of a "Do it Yourself" Agreement.
  • What can happen If you stay together for the sake of the kids.
  • What can happen when kids get to decide which parent to live with.
  • Whether you always need to hire a lawyer.
  • The truth about spousal support.
  • What happens when people "lawyer up."

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