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Discover the Pathway difference for your initial meeting with your lawyer

At Pathway Legal we have a very in-depth approach to our initial client consultations. Your initial consultation is an investment into the future for you and your changing family.

Val Hemminger’s initial consultation fee is $450 and the other lawyers are $350.

Why do you have to invest in us for your initial consultation?

At Pathway Legals we have a very unique approach to your family law matter.

We not only give you initial advice, we get to know you and your matter. We also provide you with suggestions as to strategy and our recommendations as to the best way to move forward for your matter.

Consultations with lawyers at Pathway Legal

The lawyers at Pathway Legal have done a lot more training than what they learned in law school. The lawyers at Pathway Legal are committed to dispute resolution and avoiding court whenever possible. They are also well prepared and trained to go to court if necessary.

Pathway Legal Lawyers are specifically trained in the Be the BEST Divorce LawyerAcademy where they learn skills and strategies that ensure their clients are well looked after and that their cases move forward effectively and efficiently.

To work with an associate lawyer of Pathway Legal your investment for your initial consultation is $275 and the hourly rate is $350.

Consultations with Val Hemminger

Val has very limited availability. She has helped families for more than 25 years and for this reason her initial consultation fee and hourly rate is somewhat higher than other lawyers in the firm. To schedule Val for your initial consultation you make an initial investment of $450. If you hire Val her hourly rate is $495. Val also assists clients on a flat fee basis depending upon the matter.