How to book an appointment

At Pathway Legal we have a unique, in-depth approach to our initial client consultations. The first time we talk is an investment into the future for you and your changing circumstances.

Each consultation is 60 minutes because we don't JUST give you initial advice.

We also get to know you, your circumstances and what you are looking for. Once we have spent time with you, we also provide suggestions, strategy and recommendations as to the best way to move forward for your matter. 

Consultations with Val Hemminger

Val has limited availability. She has helped families for more than 25 years and therefore her initial consultation fee and hourly rate is higher than Associate lawyers.

  • The initial consultation fee for Val Hemminger is $495 (plus applicable taxes) totaling $554.40.
  • The ongoing fee for Val Hemminger is also $495 (plus applicable taxes) totaling $554.40.
  • Val also assists clients on a flat fee basis depending upon the matter.

Consultations with our associate lawyers

Each lawyer is committed to dispute resolution and avoiding court whenever possible. They are also well prepared and trained to go to court if necessary.

The lawyers at Pathway Legal have also experienced significantly more training than the fundamental law school education.

Pathway Legal Associate Lawyers are specifically trained in the Be the BEST Divorce Lawyer Academy where they learn skills and strategies that ensure their clients are well looked after and that their cases move forward effectively and efficiently.

  • The initial consultation fee for our associates is $350 (plus applicable taxes) totaling $392.
  • The ongoing fee for our associates is also $350 (plus applicable taxes) totaling $392.
  • Associate lawyers also help clients on a flat fee basis depending on your circumstances. 

How to contact the associate lawyers at Pathway Legal

Customer reviews on Google

Phil Leedham

Phil Leedham

5-star rating

Excellent law firm that really believes in resolving our disputes before it gets even worse! Great service and wonderfully dedicated support staff!



5-star rating

This firm is full of caring and professional experts. They prioritize children and care of their clients with an emphasis on mediation. I highly recommend Pathway Legal as your first choice for divorce, separation, and any legal family matters.

Kenyon Sinclair

Kenyon Sinclair

5-star rating

Val understands, listens and just gets it. Her knowledge of family law is strong and she has been fighting hard for me. I am in a better place having her represent me throughout a difficult time. I recommend her to anyone needing legal services and direction.

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