What our clients are saying about us

By Val Hemminger; Westshore Lawyer, serving British Columbia

"...I was being forced into a separation and divorce by my partner. Val saved me about $500,00 and saved me from living in a world of fear where I could be falsely arrested for something I didn't do and from a spouse who was financially and emotionally unsupportive."


"Absolutely call Val... for those of us who are in a heightened state or felling a little lost or feeling a little confused, Val actually shines a light on the key issues and she's able to make sure the judge sees those as well, which is the most important thing."


"It was quick and easy and both of us were at the table... you gave us both advice, rather than just being on one side of the issue, and you gave us advice with respect to 'this is the law, and this is how things are, but I know from being in court, that this is what is likely going to happen.' You gave us information that was not only the legal information, but also the practical information of what actually happens in court and what actually happens in the process."


"Val Hemminger cares about the truth, and about her clients, she's a great lawyer and I'd recommend her. The people who work in the law firm, they were very helpful, very nice, a very good environment, always happy to see me. She's an amazing lawyer, took this case and put her heart into it."


"Val always remained calm when I wanted to get excited. I'm very happy with how all the proceedings went. They have a great staff, I didn't realize how much of a team it was until we had to deeper into the settlement and then you learn just how many people are involved with it in the office. Thank you, Val, for sticking through it!"


"The main thing that I really appreciated about Val and Pathway Legal was the fact that they were there to listen... easy to work with. We had a good working relationship that they were open to listening, and I, as a client, was open to listening, and we were successful in the end."


"Pathway Legal went the extra mile for me. All the way through. And I can't name any part of it that has not been right, from billing to notices, to dates, to times. Val did exactly what she said she was going to do."


"I'm very, very happy that Val was and is my lawyer. I really felt that she had my back. I had to work with her when I felt that my life was in absolute chaos. I felt that I could trust her, and I can't imagine what it would be like to be working with someone where it just felt like "business" or spending a lot of money and not knowing what you're getting. I felt like I could trust her to work with me, and for me. I'm grateful."


"I needed somebody tough and smart, and I found Val. I just think Val is a wonderful, compassionate human being and she knows her stuff. And she gets things done and I thank her very, very much for that."


"Val understood my situation. Val got it. She got us through all the games. I just really enjoyed working with Val and the staff at Pathway. They're very casual, and inviting, and helpful. It took a lot of the pressure off when I was trying to resolve things that have been a hardship for so long."