Domestic Violence

Here is the thing. Nobody should be the victim of domestic violence. The fact is, Domestic Violence is something that happens. Contrary to popular belief, it happens to people in all walks of life, no matter what their background, no matter what their intelligence, no matter what their gender, socioeconomic status, address, race, or ethnicity.

First and foremost, if you are currently experiencing any form of domestic violence, get help now. 

If you are a victim of domestic violence we also recommend you do the following:

  • Make sure you and your kids are safe; 
  • Consider reporting the matter to the police; 
  • Seek legal advice to ensure yours and your children’s continued safety; and
  • Seek quality professional counselling with someone who has a background in matters associated with family violence and the cycle of violence. 

Get counselling

Respect, honesty and trust are essential parts of a healthy relationship. Feeling hurt or upset at times is normal, but relationships should never make you feel scared, humiliated or controlled. Domestic violence can happen in many different ways. Some signs that may indicate that you are in an abusive relationship include:

  • Does your partner physically hurt you?
  • Does your partner force you to engage in unwanted sexual acts?
  • Does your partner check up on you or act possessively?
  • Does your partner yell, put you down or call you names?
  • Does your partner keep you from getting a job or an education?
  • Does your partner have a temper or make you afraid?
  • Do you try to please your partner instead of yourself to keep from getting hurt?

Contrary to the perception that abuse and domestic violence are ONLY physical in nature, family violence extends beyond the physical realm, including, but not limited to emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and child abuse.

If you are someone who wants advice about domestic violence matters, Pathway Legal is here to help. 

The whole team at Pathway Legal has your back. We will guide you and your changing family’s circumstances to the new beginning you deserve.