Medium to High Net Worth

Not all families have the same resources. 

This means that all legal advice does not fit all families, and bespoke advice is needed.

Successful entrepreneurs, high income earners, owners of businesses and corporations require lawyers that understand wealth planning, business continuity, and legacy concerns. 

Medium to high net worth separation often exists between partners who have a higher combined total worth to debt ratio.

At Pathway Legal we handle cases for parties with significant assets. We focus upon guiding you and your family, given your changing circumstances, in a way that protects your wealth, your family’s rights, the future of your children.

If you have significant assets or are a high income earner, you will want to manage your divorce and separation in a manner that, as much as possible, keeps your assets intact. You will want a fresh approach assisting you with the complex emotional, financial, support, and property issues facing you and your changing family. 

If you are someone who wants advice about your medium to high net worth family matter, Pathway Legal is here to help. 

The whole team at Pathway Legal has your back. We will guide you and your changing family’s circumstances to the new beginning you deserve.