The Pathway Legal Promise

Going through a separation is hard enough... as your lawyers we want to make it simple

Over the last 25 years, we have developed a unique and powerful method that sees families to an efficient resolution of their family law matter.

1. Court as a Last Resort

We use court as a last resort rather than a first in order to save you time, stress, and money. We believe that families do not belong in court and although we are very experienced in the courtroom, we avoid court when possible. Let’s keep you, your children, and your finances out of the high-cost of court.

2. We get you to the goal!

Having an unresolved family matter is stressful for you, the client. At Pathway Legal, we get it! That is why we do not waste your time. Each time you meet with your lawyer, you will see your case progress and be closer to finalizing your legal matter. We get you closer to the Goal of Resolution With Each and Every Appointment with your lawyer.

3. Transparent Billing Practices

We believe in transparent billing practices. You already know that each time you meet with us your case will move forward. As a result, you get an account whenever we do any substantial work on your matter. You know EXACTLY where you stand at all times. If you have a question or concern about your account, we are happy to deal with it upfront.

4. Flat Fees

Most lawyers are resistant to billing clients for flat fees. Because we are a client-centred law firm and know that clients want to know exactly how much legal services will cost, we offer flat-fee billing wherever we can.

5. Love

At Pathway Legal, we believe in Love, all kinds of love. This can mean the fact that you and our ex-spouse did, at one time, love each other. It can mean the love you have for your kids. It can mean the love you have for your friends, or even your canine. At Pathway Legal, love also means we believe in nurturing the relationship we have with you, our client. Unlike almost every other lawyer out there, your Pathway Legal lawyer will do most of their work on your matter with you present. Although we know a lot about family law, we recognize that it is you that is the true expert about what is most important for you and your changing family. We believe that the best legal work is done when we, as your legal guides, are connected directly to you, and your concerns as we co-create your legal matter. We also share every piece of correspondence, letter, and document with you so you are never left in the dark. You and us, we are a team together.

6. Highly-skilled lawyers with dedicated Dispute Resolution Training

In order to qualify to be a lawyer at Pathway Legal, our lawyers have to commit to taking highly specialized dispute resolution training, a lot of it. This training goes way beyond anything lawyers ever learned in law school and is focused upon making the lawyers highly skilled negotiators, mediators, and focused upon a resolution of your matter based on your interests. This includes learning skills and strategies for respectful and compassionate communication, not only for you, but for the other party. When we say we use court as a last resort, we mean it.

7. Demystifying Family Law

Your family law matter does not have to be complicated, expensive, or overwhelming. You are entitled to a clear-cut understanding of not only your rights, but your obligations. You are also entitled to an understanding of the legal process itself. You are entitled to know the BEST method we recommend that will get to the final resolution and outcome that you need. Whether you proceed with mediation, a four-way meeting, collaborative law, or mediation/arbitration, there are unique steps that need to be taken in each process. We don’t leave you guessing, we share with you the steps (some would say the recipe) we take to see your matter resolved!

Customer reviews on Google

Trysha Douglas

Trysha Douglas

5-star rating

Val is simply amazing! She got my separation agreement DONE after 4 years fighting with my ex! If you need a top notch divorce and trial lawyer use Val!

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

5-star rating

It can be tough to navigate through a separation without a good navigator... Val really helped us share her service and helped us stay friends, move along happily. Val created a document as we talked and agreed. Val pointed out the tough stuff we needed to discuss kindly as we progressed through all the legal information and advice. We saved time and money. we were able to avoid making it complicated. Let Val walk you through. She is able to share insight from her past clientele, and past perspective. Worth the wait to see her. Happy 4.5 months later. Thanks Val

Brady Hanna

Brady Hanna

5-star rating

I retained Val and she was extremely efficient and professional with my matter. I’m very blessed that I had her support the whole way through my divorce. Thank you Val.