Bruno Carvalho

Office Manager & Designated Paralegal

Bruno Carvalho

Office Manager & Designated Paralegal 

Practice areas:
Family law

Pathway Legal Law Corporation
206-310 Wale Road, Victoria,
British Columbia V9B 0J8


Describe a case or situation where you made a big difference.

I am a lawyer from Brazil although I now have made Canada my home. In Brazil, I practiced criminal defense. I saved an innocent person and beloved father and husband from a sentence of 12 years in prison. He was falsely charged with bribery of a police officer.

Now that I am in Canada, I also make a difference in clients’ lives every day when I get to the office and help them to move on with their lives and find solace and hope.

What clients should look for when hiring a lawyer or law firm.

Clients should look not only for understanding, respect, and empathy from their prospective lawyers, but also candor and goal orientation towards obtaining the best result possible for the Client.

Your interests outside of law?

I like to spend some time exploring the forest with my dog Beatrice (her name comes from La Vita Nueva, the poem of Dante Alighieri). I also like movies, enjoying the silence of my home, reading historical fiction and fantasy, as well as books that allow me to grow.

And finally, I LOVE CrossFit.

Your favourite kind of animal?

I love dogs. I especially love my dog, Beatrice.

Favourite quote and why:

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

   Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The Little Prince

I chose this quote because I strongly believe that to tame something means that you’re investing time and energy in order to know it better. When this is achieved, you and this other thing become forever intertwined and that is a great responsibility.