Katie Sutherland

Team Member

By Val Hemminger; Westshore Lawyer, serving British Columbia

Katie Sutherland from Pathway Legal


Practice areas:
Family law


Pathway Legal Law Corporation
206-310 Wale Road, Victoria,
British Columbia V9B 0J8

Years helping families:
6 years



What is your role at Pathway Legal?

I am one of Pathway Legal’s lawyers. My role at Pathway is to be of service to clients and meeting them exactly where they are at in their legal matters.

What is your favourite kind of animal and what makes it your favourite? 

Elephants are 100%  my favorite animal. I love how they are such magnificent creatures, so big and capable of so many emotions just as we are. They have this ancient wisdom about them. I have many elephant prints at home and I always feel such a deep sense of peace when I look at them.

Please describe a case in the last year or two where you made a big difference.

I had the opportunity to attend at a person’s home who was soon to pass on. I attended his home to do his will. He was in the process of having medical assistance in dying in his home. I was asked to go to his bedside and have his will drawn up. I remember feeling such a deep sense of grace as I watched this beloved man be with his loved ones in his last days in the comfort of his home.

After we had executed the will, I spoke with the family members in the kitchen, all of whom were so grateful that we had been able to have his last wishes expressed in his will. It is these moments that make me grateful to be a lawyer and have the ability to help bring peace of mind.

What should clients look for in a lawyer or law firm?

To me, it is all about fit. When I personally was seeking a family lawyer, what I wanted more than anything was a lawyer, and collectively a law firm, that felt like home to me, somewhere that I could truly be heard and acknowledged. Having sat in on many appointments at Pathway, I have seen how much of a difference this makes for our clients, there is a deep sense of relief and kinship knowing that you have found people who see you.

What are your interests in addition to law?

I love yoga, meditation and being able to spend time in nature with my family.  I also love travelling to faraway places, my most recent journeys took me to India, Bali and Nepal.

What differentiates you from other lawyers?

What I love about the legal profession is that there are so many different types of people practising, it makes for a very diverse landscape. For me, I pride myself on providing exceptional service and ensuring that my clients feel taken care of. Prior to attending law school, I worked as a fine dining server for many years and the philosophy of providing excellent service has followed me into my legal career.

What attracted you to Pathway Legal?

It goes back to the fit and how a place feels. When I first read Pathway’s website and read how they practice law from the heart, I knew that I had found a place that was aligned with my value system and was inspired by the realness of the lawyers.