Sarah Abbott; Lawyer

Sarah Abbott


Practice areas:
Family law

Pathway Legal Law Corporation
206-310 Wale Road, Victoria,
British Columbia V9B 0J8

Years helping families:
In her first (of many!) years of helping families


What is your role at Pathway Legal?

To help keep clients’ stress levels down and provide value to their lives, whilst also continually learning!

What should clients look for in a lawyer?

Someone that they ‘click’ with and whom they feel can best serve their needs, whatever those may be. It is also important that you feel heard, understood and supported by your lawyer and that they create a comfortable, yet professional environment.

What differentiates you from other lawyers?

I have taken a non-traditional route into an often-traditional industry, providing me with an alternate perspective from which to serve my clients. I appreciate there are often competing demands on a client when they approach a lawyer for help (be these financial, emotional or time orientated), and I ensure to take a holistic approach to serving clients to ensure their experience with a lawyer does not leave them feeling even more drained than they already might be.

What attracted you to Pathway Legal?

The openness, friendliness, and candidness of all staff right from our first interactions attracted me from the start. Knowing my own strengths and weaknesses, I have learned that I perform my best when in a supportive environment with like-minded people and knew that Pathway could provide this to me. The flexibility offered for working style also attracted me, as this is especially important for me as a working mother to a young child.

What are your interests outside law?

Sports of all and any kind (I’m usually willing to try things at least once!), particularly climbing, paddle boarding, swimming, skiing, free-diving and working out at the gym. I also like learning for learning’s sake and sharing what I’ve learned to help others.

What is your favourite kind of animal? 

Cats (although my dog would cringe to hear me say that). I grew up with cats and no other animal can have you wrapped around their little finger (toe) quite like they can. It’s truly impressive!